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Canadian Parents for French: Saanich chapter

Canadian Parents for French (CPF) is urgently looking for new volunteers to represent our Saanich chapter. Without a volunteer executive team, the chapter will unfortunately become dormant soon and lose access to CPF funding opportunities for your schools.


CPF is a group of volunteers dedicated to the creation and promotion of French second-language learning opportunities for young Canadians. CPF Saanich is like a PAC for the schools with French Immersion streams in our district, and we support Core French learning as well.


If you are interested in supporting and staying connected to your children in their French second language journey, accessing the benefits of the nation-wide CPF organization, and finding more about what we do, please attend the next chapter meeting at Bayside School, Nov 30, 7:15pm. Free CPF membership will be offered as well as a door prize of some maple syrup. RSVP at