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Monday November 7 Announcements

Morning Announcements

Monday, Nov 7, 2022

Info for Students…

  • Geography Trivia Club: Geography Trivia Club is today in the LC at lunch
  • Grade 8 Boys Basketball: Practice today in the gym at lunch.
  • Grade 6/7 Boys Recreational Basketball:  Practice is tomorrow morning at 7:15am in the gym. Reminder to bring in your permission forms.
  • Reminders: Sharks please wipe your feet as you enter the school to keep the hallways and classroom floors clean. 
  • Remembrance Day Ceremony: 
    Tomorrow is the last day that students can bring in a photo of their family members that have served or who are currently serving in the military.  Can you please email Mme Shuh a picture of them, along with the following information:
    • Students' name
    • Students' division
    • Family Members name
    • The dates they served and/or area they served
    • A scanned picture and emailed to Madame Shuh
  • Bayside Yearbook Cover Contest! If you are interested in designing this year’s yearbook cover, please submit your design to Ms. Isbister in the LC. Covers must be on 8.5/11 size paper, include colour, and include “Bayside Middle School” and the year 2022-23. Designs are due by Tuesday, November 22.

Important Dates to Remember...

Nov 08 – Photo Retakes

Nov 10 – Remembrance Day Assembly

Nov 11 – Remembrance Day, no school in session

Nov 14 – Non Instructional Day, no school in session

Nov 30 – Bartering Fair