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Santas Anonymous Fundraiser

Santas Anonymous Fundraiser starts today. Bayside is hoping to raise $10,000 to help families in need have a happy holiday season. Did you know that in two minutes 2500 families signed up online for help this year? 

Bayside Staff have volunteered to do some crazy things to encourage families to give. 

We will have a Spirit Assembly on Thursday, Dec. 21.

Each homeroom has its own fundraising page. The top 6 classes will get to do something fun to the staff.

The rewards are: 

  • $500: Ms. Mitchell will let a class put make up on her and dress her in a tutu.
  • $1000: Ms. Hicks will let a class wrap her in toilet paper and dress her up like a mummy snowman.
  • $2000: There will be a special performance from a surprise band.
  • $3000: Mme. Rhodes will kiss a pig.
  • $4000: A class gets to duct tape Ms. Alford to the gym wall.
  • $5000: Ms. Dennett will drink a blended McDonald’s meal.
  • $6000: Mr. Davidson will you let 5 members of a class pie him in the face.
  • $7000: Mr. Chen will let 5 members of a class wax his legs.
  • $8000: Ms. Maser will let a class cut and colour her hair.
  • $9000: Ms. Lee will get a tattoo.
  • $10000: Mme. Gevers will let a chameleon eat worms off her face.

You can donate online to your homeroom’s fundraising page (Homeroom link provided by the teacher) or cash to your homeroom teacher.

The Santas Anonymous Fundraiser starts today and ends on Monday December 18.